‘My Girlfriend’s A Zombie’ from Atlanta trio The Tomb Tones is a magical psychobilly concoction created from the entrails of the Cramps blended in a witches cauldron with a hair of The Stray Cats and the eye of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. This is what they listen to when the cameras stop rolling on the set of The Walking Dead.” – Fresh Sounds

THE TOMB TONES started with a simple goal. Make awesome horror movies. But… they don’t have the budget for that, so instead they write horror rock songs – with an emphasis on macabre wordplay, unexpected story turns, and infectious riffs that draw influence from punk, rockabilly, surf, and doowop (better known as horrorpunkasurfabillywop, of course).

Frontman VILE KING KYLE narrowly escaped death by inches when his F-150 exploded the day after his 19th birthday, with all his music gear inside. All that was left was the guitar strings, and a thirst for cosmic revenge.

BRENT COGNITO is on the drums. He was on a secret mission or something, but got distracted and ended up in a horror rock band. Go figure.

The demon CARL SIN was accidentally summoned when a trucker hat was put on a snowman. He picked up a bass, and the rest is history.

They have released two demos, “New Year’s Evil” and “Valentine’s Day Double Feature” and are currently in production on their debut EP.

We would love to spook up your venue or festival – reach out to book us!