THE TOMBTONES are an Atlanta-based rock’n’roll trio that plays mostly original rock tunes, blending a bit of surf rock, doo wop, golden oldies, punk, and oh yeah, they’re like 90% about death or dying. Or monsters. You know. Horror movie stuff.

Vile King Kyle is on the guitar and vocals. His first electric guitar exploded in a car fire, and nothing was left but the strings. True story. It was probably the most badass thing he’s ever seen.

Brent Cognito is on the drums. He was on a secret mission or something, but got distracted and ended up in a horror rock band. Go figure.

You don’t want to mess with Carl Sin, the guy on bass. Word on the street is, he eats peanut butter directly from the jar. He’s a baaad dude.

We play a mean set of original rock and roll tunes that get people dancing – reach out to book us!